LumenBasic 60 Watt Color Changing Light Bulbs RGB

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60 Watt Color Changing Light Bulbs and Warm White Color (RGBWW) with Remote Control and Wall Switch Control Function
RGBWW RGB LED Bulbs Packs of 4 Color Changing Light Bulbs with 10w Warm white and and 120 colors, colour Changing effects for different purposes
Great LED Bulb for decoration, night light bulb, party bulb, mood light bulb, atmosphere and even general lighting (10w Warm White)
Five level Dimmable with remote control and Wall switch, time setting control, flashing party mode etc tons of features that is super convenient to use and makes your life easier
One button switch to full 10 watts warm white equipvalent to old 60 watts incandescent bulbs – one bulb two uses!

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LumenBasic Remote RGBW LED Bulb – Classic RGBW LED BULB with multicolor and one button switch to 10 watts full brightness Daylight white – perfect to replace your old 60w incandescent bulb – one bulb two uses!

RGB LED Bulbs pack of 4 color changing light bulbs with 4 RC remote controls and wall switch control function meaning you may simply use any wall switch or on/off switch to control brightness of this LED bulb or use the remote control that comes with it.

✓Full 10 watts Bright white Color mixed with RGB multicolor light bulb – 100% 60 watts color changing light bulbs saving up to 6 times on energy cost and you get two functions for one bulb

✓Standard A19 shaped LED bulb with screw in Edison E26 E27 base that can be used with any E27 Standard Edison Light fixtures

✓Timer function allows you to use this LED bulb as a night light bulb for automatically turning off or just turn it off remotely with your RC

✓Dual memorization function that this RGBW LED BULB will memorize effect before turning off and third effect on wall switch control

✓120 static colors can be selected as your like through a color plate; 5 levels of brightness in static mode and 5 speeds of colors switching in dynamic mode can be adjusted.

The real multi-purpose LED bulb that is easy to use and able to satisfy your daily lighting needs; A light bulb without needing to turn on your Bluetooth or worry about not being able to connect to WIFI that really makes your life easier!

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Warm White, Cool White


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