LumenBasic LED Fire Effect Light Bulb Downward & Upward Fire Flickering Simulation for Indoor Outdoor Lightbulb Standard Flame Effect E26 Socket AC 110v 120v – Pack of 2


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LumenBasic LED Fire Effect Light Bulb Downward & Upward Fire Flame Flickering Simulation for Indoor Outdoor Lightbulb Standard E26 Socket AC 110v 120v – Pack of 2

Looking to set the mood or provide unique ambiance using unconventional lighting? Well, you’re in the right place. Our LED flickering bulb has been developed to cater to homeowners, renters, party planners & event coordinators in need of lighting decorations that make a statement.

✔ REALISTICALLY FLICKERS: You Can’t See the LED Lights Dancing Inside – Tricks The Eye Into Seeing the Real Thing! The problem with the traditional LED flame bulb is that you can view the LEDs inside but you can’t with this one. It’s that realistic.

✔ DOWNWARD COMPATIBLE: LED Flame Instantly Inverts When Installed Downward – Great Choice for Driveways & Ceilings Most flickering flame bulbs can’t be installed in upsidedown lighting fixtures but ours can. (The flame will come up from the bottom.)

✔ INDOORS OR OUTDOORS: Use the Fancy Fire Flickering Light LED Bulbs When Decorating Interior or Exterior Spaces Since it delivers a romantic glow, the fire flame bulb is ideal for setting the mood inside or outside on a deck, patio, porch or terrace.

✔ PERFECT FOR PARTIES: Best Halloween Flickering Light Bulbs On The Market! – Awesome Pick for Special Event Decorating Whether hosting a party at home or decorating a large venue, a fire light LED bulb is just what you need to impress all of your guests.

Suggested Uses: We suggest using the fire lightbulb wherever a bit of whimsical flair is needed. Put the LED flickering light bulbs in bedside lamps, closets, night clubs, bars, ceiling fixtures, walkway lanterns, porch lights, etc. The possibilities are endless with a downward flame light!

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  • LUMENBASIC LED FIRE EFFECT LIGHT BULB – Unlike the typical flickering flame bulb, this one delivers a true crackling fire simulation that looks just like the real thing. You can see the LED lights dancing on most, but this one softly flickers realistically
  • UPSIDE DOWN DOWNWARD AND UPWARD – While standard LED flame light bulbs can’t be installed upside down, the gravity sensor allows the bulb to be installed either way. The flame will simply come up from the bottom top, or the tip to the bottom, allowing you to use them in outdoor lanterns, lamps & lighting fixtures
  • INDOORS AND OUTDOORS – Designed to save up to 90% more energy than the average flame light bulbs, these powerful LED flame effect fire light bulbs are ideal for indoors & outdoors household use all year round for all occasions
  • FLICKERING FLAME ACTION LIGHTBULB – Our flicker flame light bulb puts on a spectacular yet spooky show, making them the best flickering light bulbs for Halloween decorating. They also go well with winter wonderland or rustic event themes. Add some color to walkways, bars, restaurants, event accessories, pools, faux fireplace, and many more applications
  • FLAME MODE ONLY – Engineered to be compatible with fixtures that offer either an E26 & E27 base mount fitting, this fire down flame bulb makes a fantastic centerpiece for new homeowners beginning to decorate, teens or college students



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